Mechanical Garage Services



At CarSafe, our priority is to ensure the best environment for the storage of your vehicle, and we have established a facility which we know offers that.

When it comes to mechanical work, we also want to ensure that your vehicle gets the best care and attention. Whether it is a basic annual MoT, more detailed servicing or in depth restoration, we would be delighted to help you to achieve this.

We have established relationships with a number of local garages, as well as marque specialists and classic experts to offer a wide range of service options to meet the varying needs of our clients. If you have a preferred garage or specialist we would be happy to work with them on your behalf.

We can arrange transportation of your vehicle to the chosen professional and will act as the point of contact for any project management, liaising with you as a job progresses.

We can keep a record of key dates for MoTs, servicing, etc. and either contact you when it is time to think about booking your vehicle in, or with your prior permission arrange for the works automatically.

We are happy to accommodate any requests you might have at any stage of storage. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss how we can work with you to ensure your vehicle is kept in the very best condition.