Part Storage Distribution



As well as being accustomed to all types of vehicle storage, our storage facility also lends itself to parts storage and distribution. Having 25 years of warehouse management and storage experience we are ideally suited to offering a high level of skills and expertise required in delivering a high level of service as standard.

We are happy to offer this service to vehicle storage customers or to others with no direct connection to our vehicle storage operation. We will work with customers to agree service levels and to fully understand their needs and expectations, as well as the stock to be stored.

Our facility offers a large, separate, storage area fully racked out and barcoded, enabling easy integration into our warehouse management system, or it can be easily combine with your existing systems to act as an additional, third party storage location.

We have the capacity to accept deliveries and collections from any size of vehicle, fork lift trucks to load, unload and handle palletised stock and oversized parts. We are also able to organise despatch and delivery via our courier contacts on your behalf, or to work in conjunction with your existing or preferred distribution partners.

For more information on our parts storage solutions, please contact us.